Take our Studio Strip Lash guide to find out!

Absolutely, we always have been and always will be a vegan brand. We are a team of animal lovers so we would never use real mink fur in our lashes or animal derived products in our tools/aftercare.

We are so sorry hun, our bad! Please send imagery of your faulty/damaged products tolashes@eyelashemporium.co.ukand we will get this sorted for you ASAP!

We don’t recommend that if you want the maximum
uses out of your lashes but this can be done if you choose.

Handle your Studio Strip Lashes with care! Carefully remove your strip lashes and place in the lid of the cleanser bottle. Fill the lid with enough cleanser to cover the lashes, soak for 15 minutes and watch last night's makeup soak away. Remove from cleanser, pull away any excess adhesive and leave to try brushing your lashes through with a clean mascara wand to bring back the 3D layered fluffiness. Remember looked after lashes can be used up to 20 times.